gravity stories

One of the slightly more bizarre things that Einstein predicted to go along with all of his relativity and whatnot was a phenomenon called gravitational waves, where waves of gravitational energy would propagate through the fabric of space itself. We've never managed to catch one in action, but astronomers have found new evidence that they exist.
There are some funky facts about our planet, and sometimes it takes a funky person to teach you to appreciate them. In this case it isn't exactly a person but a garden gnome named Kern. His mission is to explain why he weighs different amounts at his various stops around the world.
This lumpy blob is a gravity map of our planet, showing an exaggerated view of where sea level would be if it weren't for waves, tides, currents, or weather. The European Space Agency's GOCE satellite has created the most detailed planetary gravity map ever, and it could help us understand everything from climate change to earthquakes.