gps stories

GPS is a fantastic technology, allowing you to pinpoint your location within a few feet anywhere in the world, except all those places where you can't get a clear view of the sky, like inside buildings. People spend rather a lot of time inside buildings, which is what makes this new geomagnetic location technology (which does work inside) so cool.
The Global Positioning System has revolutionized how we keep ourselves from getting lost on the way from Point A to Point B. Not getting lost is equally important for spacecraft, and the best method of space localization might be to use a System based on Pulsars throughout the Galaxy. Hmm, how about we just call it "GPS" for short.
Using electronic devices while driving is a huge distraction. Even the act of looking at or listening to your GPS can take your mind off the road. AT&T Labs is working on a solution that alerts drivers to navigational information by triggering vibrations on the steering wheel to augment other GPS commands.
Aaron Parecki has been logging his whereabouts since he was a 4th grader. Back then he kept stacks of notebooks detailing his school commute (start time, end time, time traveled, who drove, and in what car) and today he uses a GPS. Check out the gallery below to see what 3+ years of constant GPS activity looks like on a map.