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Tuesday brought a ton of news with it. Outside of the Presidential election and the return of the Master Chief, Puerto Rico (non-bindingly) voted to become the 51st State in the Union. While Puerto Rico's ascension to statehood isn't guaranteed, Reddit has been buzzing with flag designs to welcome the 51st star.
Editor's Note: With the election over, this article is now out of date. However, many of the tools here go beyond yesterday's vote, and are well worth checking out. Our original post follows. Media old and new is out in force to cover today's U.S. presidential election. That means there's a lot of noise, too, so we've rounded up the most engaging tools of what we've found for your perusal this election. If you haven't cast your vote, there's still time, and these tools will help you. Even political agnostics will have something to celebrate tonight: all of those obnoxious ads will finally be over. I think we can all agree on how good that news is.
Americans will spend the next few weeks angrily debating whether they should pull a little lever marked "D" or "R." Hope everyone has fun with that. However, if current trends hold true, deciding who heads the executive branch of even this most powerful nation in the world may one day be as quaint as that old question: "Blu-ray or HD-DVD?" As technology improves, governments become less necessary. This is true. In fact, we may right now be seeing the signs of a wholly post-patriotic world. Sound out there? It's not unthinkable.
Tumblr, detecting an acute sense of election fatigue, has brought together an Avengers-style elite group of GIF-makers to cover the three upcoming presidential debates, as well as the singular vice presidential debate. This group of professional GIF-makers will assemble at at the prescribed times to cover the political bloodshed.