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While we've reviewed Apple's latest hardware offering, we're still in the process of getting to know iOS 6. Spoiler: it's got some pretty frustrating changes, most notably Apple swapping out iOS staple Google Maps for its own proprietary Maps app. It's an inferior offering and today Apple is apologizing for it.
We want to like Google's Nexus Q. It isn't shaped like a run-of-the-mill media box, it's got a ton of — dare we say? — hot wires snaking out of its rear Matrix-style, it's got several components built in the U.S.A. and it glows! That's about as nice as we can be to the orby Nexus Q, because when it comes right down to functionality there are really 0 reasons to spend $300 on Google's Magic 8-Ball. But that's okay (for now), because where there's room for improvement, the eager developers and hackers always have you covered. Here are six "fixes" and proof-of-concepts that give us hope that the Nexus Q is more than just an expensive paperweight.