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So there's this pretty small company that you've probably never heard of. It's called Google, and back in the day, you'd use it to find stuff on the Internet. Google has obviously expanded since then, becoming an all-encompassing Internet giant, and it's finally taking a leap offline with Conversions API.
For those who follow the post-human movement and anything Singularity related, inventor Ray Kurzweil is a constant wellspring of fascinating analysis and information-backed predictions. Now it looks like Kurzweil is getting his "Locutus of Borg" moment as he has recently announced that he will be joining the Google.
What could make frequent sparring partners Apple and Google finally come together? According to Bloomberg News, the move is part of a deal to purchase some 1,100 Kodak patents — offered as part of Kodak's bankruptcy liquidation, announced last year. The patents involve the capture, manipulation and sharing of digital images and the offer for the portfolio is estimated at $500 million.
We all probably do it at least once or twice a day — Googling something. As we get near instant results we probably aren't giving too much thought as to what powers the all-knowing search engine. For the first time, Google has opened the doors to their various data centers so we can take a peek inside. It's all part of their new website 'Where the Internet Lives,' a project showing the people and colorful guts behind its services.
When Apple decided to apologize for its flawed maps in iPhone 5, going as far as suggesting that users try other, competing products like Google Maps, the move raised a few of eyebrows. But now that Google has released its new voice response-enabled search app for the iPhone, it's looking like Apple might have another problem on its hands.