Google TV stories

If you've had a chance to use Google's voice search tool, then you already know why many feel that it beats the pants off Apple's highly-touted Siri software. Now Google has integrated Google TV functionality into its voice search tool, and the result looks like something from the future.
The Logitech Revue was the main piece of hardware available for the initial Google TV rollout. It didn't do well. It did so poorly, in fact, that Logitech won't be making a followup Google TV device.
Google TV, when it was first released, didn't quite set the world on fire. While it had a lot of interesting ideas, its execution was found to be lacking and few people ended up getting on board. Google's hoping to change that with Google TV 2.0.
Hey, remember Google TV? It didn't exactly set the world on fire when it was released earlier this year, but that doesn't mean Google's given up on it. In fact, they just got TBS and TNT on board.