Goodbyes stories

After six amazing years serving this site as a writer, reporter and editor, I'm moving on.
I didn't expect the fun to end so soon, but this is it for me ladies and gents. After two years of what can only be described as an insane, awesome, spectacular, incredible, crazy dream of a journey, I'm hanging up my DVICE cape.
Hey guys, Adam Frucci here. I've been writing for this here blog for just about five years, but today is my last day, and this my last post. Hankies out!
For the past five years, I've been editor of Syfy's technology site, this thing you're reading called DVICE. Yep, I'm the guy responsible for all those typos and grammatical errors you see from time to time (prepositions were never my strong suit). But I'm also responsible for the site's character and how it covers technology, something I'm very proud of. Today is my last day as DVICE Editor.