GM stories

Last month, GM decided that it would be kinda fun to send some journalists from Vermont to Maine in a squad of Chevy Volts. For some reason, they decided that I would be one of those journalists. They couldn't have known that I've been following the Volt for years, from the introduction of the original, awesome concept to the toned-down production model through all the powertrain and battery controversy to the ultimate commercial release. So now that you can actually go out and buy a Chevy Volt, should you? It's a unique type of car: not quite gas, and not quite electric. Or maybe it's both. Either way, we'll be taking you through all 500 miles of our impressions, so let's get started.
The Hummer, once a proud symbol of extreme suburban excess, was well known for two things: being obnoxiously large, and having gas mileage inversely proportional to its size. The latest officially licensed Hummers are small electric "resort vehicles," stripping away everything anyone could want from a Hummer, except obnoxiousness.
Now that GM has sold a thousand of their Volt plug-in hybrids, they're starting to get feedback from owners about how the cars are performing in day-to-day use, and here's the number you care about: people get an average of 1,000 miles between fill-ups.