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The holidays, then, are the perfect excuse for the true DIY enthusiast to share their basement engineering feats with the whole neighborhood, nay, the world! And keeping with the tradition of homemade seasonal tech, we decided to scour the DIY webspace to find the most seriously high-tech DIY Christmas ornaments. Here, we present the projects— for electronics amateur and auteur alike— that will transform a traditional (read: boring) Christmas tree into something truly geektastic.
Kickstarter is awesome. It makes things possible that never would have happened without the collective interest, enthusiasm, and financial support of a whole bunch of Internet strangers. The only downside, really, is that the window during which you have a chance to be a part of any of these projects is usually a small one: just a month, perhaps. And by the time you hear about the latest thing, you may have missed out. Sad. But eventually, at least a few of these projects make it through the entire Kickstarter process all the way up to omg actual commercial projects, and we've scoured the most popular Kickstarter projects to bring you these nine that you can actually buy, even if you didn't help Kickstart them.