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Technology is inherently beautiful. It's amazing, the things that can be done with tech. Like, you're walking around with a tiny little device in your pocket that you can use to talk to someone on the other side of the world. It's crazy. But just because the tech inside is beautiful doesn't mean the outside has to be, since few are willing to sacrifice function for form. Every once in a while, though, you get a gadget that hits that sweet spot encompassing both good looks and usefulness. And even less frequently, you get a gadget that includes some small brilliance of design that enables it to surpass merely good looking and become something unique. Yeah, in some cases you can probably get yourself something slightly cheaper that works just as well, but if you're a connoisseur of technology that is both beautiful and functional, you won't want to. We've chosen nine of our favorite examples of technology that melds form with function, and most of them are even affordable enough for you to buy them for someone else. Or yourself. Check them out in the gallery below.
No iPhone 5 this year, but the iPhone 4S is performing like a real champ, even outselling its predecessor. Virtually identical in shape to the iPhone 4, the real changes to Apple's new offering are beneath the skin. With a better camera, faster dual-core processor and spiffy iOS 5 operating system to play with, iPhone 4S peripherals are able to boost the phone's performance like never before. We've rounded up 12 iPhone 4S peripherals that we think give it purpose beyond what even Steve Jobs envisioned.
We know you can't embrace technology enough, and we wouldn't want you to be left behind this holiday season. Here's a list of some special items designed to make the tech life of your and yours a little easier, or at least more interesting. (Just a note: some of these items are custom made so you'll have to inquire for information on pricing and delivery.)
This year we're doing our gift guides a little different. You don't need us to tell you about the iPhone 4S or the Kindle Fire as gift ideas — you already know about those. Instead, we're looking to help connect you with small, geeky designers, or nerdy nothings you could make yourself. There's 105 gift ideas currently, with many more to come.
It's the thought that counts, right? And nothing says that you thought of someone for a good long while like making them something homemade. We've drilled down deep into the Internet in search of some fun and nerdy awesome gift ideas with instructions on how you can make your own. Better get at it; the holidays are coming faster than you think.
Are you one of those geeks who has everything and is impossible to shop for? Then don't wait for your well-meaning loved ones to gift you some silly tie or pair of socks. Take the initiative and send out a list of desired gadgets — like this one. Tacky, maybe, but these dozen items are the always-tough-to-find (and perfect for these economic times) cool gizmos for less than $50.
The first step is acceptance. Finding a great gift for your gal is really hard. There is probably not one woman alive who hasn't experienced the panicked and shifty-eyed stares of a gift giver who came up with an "under pressure" gift of fuzzy socks or a crockpot for the holidays. I understand how it happens. You waited too late, had no clue or you gave her something she said needed instead of wanted. Those gifts just aren't much fun; it's an epic fail and you know it. Think of me as your concierge of cool gifts this year. C'mon, you know your girl. She's a gadget and game loving-fun-tech-freak like you. Together we can pull off some gifts that will both delight her, and relieve you. Everyone should be happy during the holidays. So boys, take notes — and ladies, don't be afraid to drop this list on your man as a little hint.
A lot of the designs and technology that inspired today's gadgets are finding a new life with retro lovers. Old-school telephones, "simple" but fun computers and game consoles, record players with some modern guts in them — all this and more you can find below.
As we all know, the holidays are just around the corner. This means that we have to come up with ideas for gifts for the people we care about and/or work with. If you happen to be shopping for a geek, however, that is not always an easy task. Fortunately, we've come up with some ideas of homemade and unique gifts that are sure to please the geek in just about anyone. We write up a lot of small designers here on DVICE who are all wildly creative. This list is for them.
Gadget-stuffed watches have been a science fiction staple since the days of Dick Tracy. If you can miniaturize it and put it in a watch we’ve got it here for you, along with some other gadgetry/science fiction themes that are sure to please. Here are 25 of the coolest things you can slap to your wrist, and they make great gifts, to boot.