Ghostbusters stories

Worried your house might be haunted? Not sure how to tell? If movies have taught me anything, just wait a while and, believe me, you'll know. Especially when the walls start dripping blood and your roommate starts speaking in tongues. (Then, you know who to call.) Joking aside, how can you tell if your house truly is haunted as some believe they can be, or if it just has an annoying tendency to creak like someone's coming up the stairs? Yesterday we told you how to haunt your house. Today, we offer a crash course in de-hauntifying it.
Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! While walking through the throngs of gamers, cosplayers, and geeks at the New York Comic Con this past weekend, we came across some of the best looking homemade costumes we've ever seen. We're always super impressed by how much time and work fans put into their costumes. One costume that stood out was this Ghostbuster's Hello Kitty Proton Pack. The guy wearing it was at the convention with his crew of regular Ghostbusters, but it's pretty obvious that he won the hearts of everybody upon suiting up.