Geoengineering stories

On May 11, 2011 a magnitude 5.1 earthquake hit the town of Lorca in southern Spain. It was the country's worst quake in 50 years, killing 9, injuring nearly 300 and dealing millions in damages to Spain's struggling economy. Scientists have been searching for the cause of this "unusually shallow" quake and recently published an interesting theory.
Seeing as we can all agree that global warming is definitely real, it's probably a good idea to start doing something about it. Making slight changes to our lifestyle is obviously a ridiculously thing to suggest, so let's move on to more realistic schemes like global weather modification through controlled atmospheric aerosol release, which might actually be affordable.
Not sold on that artificial volcano idea as a method of modifying our climate? Here's something else to try: dumping massive amounts of iron into the oceans to spur algae blooms that suck carbon out of the atmosphere. Ocean fertilization, as it's called, isn't a new idea, but newly published experimental results suggest that it might actually make sense.
What with global warming definitely on the rise, we're going to start seeing more and more heat waves like the ones that made the last few weeks so miserable for all y'all who don't live on the West Coast, like me. One proposed idea to deal with the problem is a fake volcano, created by pumping large amounts of sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere.