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Sometimes it's just not enough to see the major landmarks when you travel. In the back of your mind you know there is more out there — stuff that might be more interesting to you than your average bus tour. You want to see the gravesites of scientists, abandoned missile silos, museums of the macabre, observatories and much more.
We already showed you the top 10 geeky marriage proposals of 2011, but, wouldn't you know it, geeks are still finding creative ways to ask one another to nerd out for the rest of their lives. Today being the day it is, we figured we'd round some 'em up. Good thing, too, because one of the most thoughtful askings of The Question happened just this morning. Hop on inside to find out how it happened.
Yes, we know the year isn't over. But have you seen all the awesomely geeky marriage proposals this year already? They're all so great, we feel comfortable putting out a list like this early. If there is anything better than our top pick here before the year's end, I'll eat my damn headphones. And now, ladies and gentlemen, here are the top 10 ways to ask another geek to marry you from this year.