gas stories

You've got to give it to those boffins over on that island of theirs: despite the funny way they talk, they're damn clever. A British company called Air Fuel Synthesis has apparently (apparently) developed a system that harvests carbon dioxide and water vapor straight out of the air and turns it into gasoline that you can put straight into your car. Um, wow.
If you think a device that lets you inhale chocolate is strange, then here's some more strangeness for you. The concept of "inhaling food" is catching on, particularly with diners in Europe, and now one Canadian restaurant serves gases that "taste" like food, but without those pesky carbs, fats or calories.
Dinos did it. Now we're finding out even the Earth passes gas. The gas is coming from sites all over the Arctic where methane gas is escaping as the ice melts. Aside from the obvious comic factor of our planet farting like a giant cow, there is the serious side that sudden releases trapped ancient methane could have an effect on climate change.