gamestop stories

GameStop, both a brick-and-mortar game-seller as well as a company with digital ambitions, is adding one more goal to its near-future plate: its very own game-focused tablet. With the 3DS flagging and your average tablet already plenty capable of running games, one has to wonder: why?
It was just another day at Gamestop in Long Island, NY and employee (of four years) John Mazzocchi was thinking of ways to pass the time. So, he tweeted a couple pictures of himself planking in the empty store. Apparently, this caused quite a stir, because John was fired and ineligible for unemployment. Cautionary tale, folks: don't plank on the job.
Microsoft is officially wading into competitive retail with its own slew of storefronts, and the company just hired David Porter, the new VP of Retail Stores, to lead the charge when he starts on February 16th. "Defining the time frame,...