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Italian designer Paolo De Giusti certainly has a unique concept on his hands. What's he going for? "Retro-futurism." It may not look it, but believe it or not this vehicle is heavily inspired by old cars.
Love or hate the products, there's no denying that Apple's got something crazy going on with its stores. Fashioned after Apple's "Cube" in Manhattan, the company's new Shanghai location has a big glass cylinder above ground and the rest of the store under. It's so striking, we're tossing in a few more images down below. Shanghaiist, via Gizmodo
Yesterday afternoon Lego celebrated the grand opening of its Rockefeller Center store in New York City. The big event climaxed with the final assembly of a 16-foot-tall, two-ton Big Apple that 17,000 people helped build. The store also houses Lego versions of over two dozen classic New York landmarks and scenes.