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A factory tour is always a popular tourist attraction. The team at the Volkswagen Group take it to a new level with the Autostadt — an attraction adjacent to their factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. While there's a lot to see, the major wow factor comes in with a peek at the two 200 foot tall glass silos that store new Volkswagens.
In response to the massive flooding in Thailand, some resourceful folks have built makeshift vehicles and structures. Check out the gallery below for some very clever "flood hacks."
Today is Memorial Day, and lots of people are are having to celebrate the holiday in dangerous places far away from home. Luckily, modern technology is doing its level best to keep soldiers as safe as possible, and future technology promises to do an even better job. Here are eight up-and-coming battlefield systems that will, we hope, start keeping our troops even safer in the not too distant future.
Maker Faire took place in San Mateo, CA this weekend. If you're not familiar with Maker Faire, it's a place where people who make cool stuff come to show it off. "Cool stuff" is a fairly broad category, and you'll find all kinds of weird and wild stuff at Maker Faire. Most of it isn't for sale, and some of it has no practical purpose at all, but who cares! Here's a gallery of a bunch of the best stuff that we saw over the weekend.