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The other boats in Antwerp's harbor are bound to feel envious when this old ferry that was headed for scrap is fully transformed into an Olympic-size swimming pool and gathering place. The eco-friendly "Badboot" — which means bathing boat — will include a 120-meter swimming pool, restaurants, bars and meeting space.
Tired of shoving your laptop into the same boring case? Well, you're not alone. Richard Smith created a series of iPad and laptop cases that mix it up a bit. Check out the gallery below for these machine washer ready cases that look just like folded clothes.
The Smithsonian American Art Museum has embraced video games as art and part of our culture through a new exhibit called "The Art of Video Games." The highly anticipated exhibit is the culmination of public input on what should be covered in the 40 or so years that games have moved from arcades to our living rooms and phones.