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Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is a collector of all things geek and he has a wonderful habit of setting up museums to share items from his personal stash. He already has two museums in the Seattle area (the Flying Heritage Collection and EPM Museum), and last month he opened a third space to showcase his collection of computers.
From bagel bites to tapas, people everywhere enjoy eating miniaturized food. Just look at the picture above of a mini chicken pot pie, lasagna, grilled cheese, mac and cheese and my personal favorite, Thanksgiving leftovers. Look at how cute they are — I really want one…or 15 (and if you say you don't, I simply won't believe you).
Emoticon turned 30 last week and love 'em or hate 'em, a well-meaning friend probably sends you a :-) or a :-( from time to time. Last week, an expert explained some of the more challenging faces, but what about all of those strange one-offs that stray far from the typical smiley/frowny faces we all know?