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Wilson Bentley is one of the first known snowflake photographers. He was fascinated by snow from an early age and worked tirelessly to capture detailed images of each unique snow crystal. His process involved catching each snowflake on black fabric and and then using a microscope and bellows camera to photograph them.
A farmer in China has built a fleet of 14-person doomsday pods. His hope is that government agencies and international organizations will use his design for protection against natural disasters — or pretty much any other reason you'd need a survival pod.
Okay Nintendo fans. This is the moment you've been waiting for. A video game collector, who goes by the name "byuu," is offering up every single U.S. Super Nintendo game for a cool $25,000. The seller is accepting other offers, too, but it's probably not a bad deal for 721 games.
40 years ago today, NASA's Apollo 17 became the sixth and final Apollo mission to land on the Moon. On December 11, 1972, astronaut Harrison Schmitt became the twelfth and last man to walk on the Moon. Enjoy the gallery of images from the Apollo 17 mission below.
Many of us live in places with extreme seasonal temperature changes. How well your house stands up to the weather plays a role in your comfort level throughout the year. What if there was a house that could change shape to accommodate different weather conditions, time changes, sunrise, sunset, and everything else?
Fifth grade teacher Morgan wanted to make his ride to work a bit more enjoyable. So, he decked out his scooter to look like R2-D2. He also outfitted the vintage luggage case in the back with Star Wars decals. Read on to get Morgan's take on his fun DIY project: