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You don't need to be a photography nut to appreciate animated GIFs. Unlike Jamie Beck's, RRRRRRRROLL's GIFs focus on one theme: a girl and her objects rotating around a single axis in a way that may just make your head explode. Okay, maybe we made that last part up, but these GIFs can only leave you either completely blown away or reaching for the aspirin. (Note: The above image there is static — the ones you're looking for are down below in our gallery. Click to get this moving image party started!)
We tend to only hear about drones when one has taken out a target of some sort, so hopefully we'll be hearing more about this concept underwater drone whose target is ocean garbage. Its mission is to seek out and collect the copious amounts of trash — plastic and otherwise — that causes a threat to the ocean environment.
Gearbox Software is hard at work making sure that everything in Borderlands 2 will be bigger, crazier and boomier than what the original game offered. The team could have just included exploding bullets (which they did) and called it a day, but instead they're overhauling a lot of the core game mechanics. While veterans of the original will be in familiar territory, we got to see how Borderlands 2 will significantly evolve the amount of customization and control a player has over a character. That means new looks to make your Vault Hunter feel unique, skills that are more meaningful than a bump in stats and lots, lots more. We were also given a tour of Sanctuary, a hub city that will give players a dynamic home base to return to. Guiding us through it all was Gearbox producer Randy Varnell, who was just as happy to walk us through some new skills, locations and character customization options as he was to teach us the right way to free an enraged dwarf chained to an overgrown mutant's shield. Yep, you guessed it: it involves bullets.
Does your fish live in a bowl or a rectangular tank? Has he or she been looking a little depressed lately? Do you even know whether your fish is a he or a she? Look, fish are people too, and they deserve more than just some rocks, a few fake plants, and a treasure chest that intermittently pukes bubbles. Take a look at this gallery of 27 (or so) geeky, weird, and occasionally dangerous fish tanks and let them inspire you to upgrade the digs of your fishy little friends.