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On Friday, the space shuttle Endeavour made one last flight aboard the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, flying from Edwards Air Force Base and making a tour of California before landing in Los Angeles en route to her final resting place at the California Science Center. DVICE was at NASA's Ames Research Center taking pictures of the flyby, and we've also picked out a few of our favorite images from elsewhere along Endeavour's journey.
A few months after the iPad came out, computer makers who had made convertible laptops started phasing them out, believing the iPad usurped their need. What's old is new again: several computer makers are planning to introduce new Windows 8 convertible laptops soon after Microsoft makes the OS official on October 26. I agree with the assessment that the iPad stymied the need for convertible laptops; if you need a keyboard with the lighter-than-a-convertible iPad, or even an Android tablet, you could buy an auxiliary Bluetooth QWERTY keypad. In fact, your bag would probably be lighter with an iPad and an ultrabook both contained therein, as opposed to a single convertible laptop. But if these new hybrids succeed, we can't keep calling them "convertible laptops" (for one thing, it takes too long to type). So, I'm inventing a new name for these sometimes-a-laptop, sometimes-a-tablet combo computers.
This art installation created with over 1,000 working lights and some 5,000 burnt-out bulbs definitely evokes a smile when you see it lighting up the night sky. What's more it's interactive where the crowd can turn some lights on or off by pulling chains causing the luminous cloud to change in intensity — from light to dark like a thundercloud.
Fantastic as the official Lego play sets are, nothing beats the creations built by hardcore enthusiasts. Over the years we've seen a ton of impressive fan-made Lego starships that were either too big or too heavy for their own good. After scouring the Internet high and low, we concluded that these 11 are — what we think — are the biggest and baddest Lego starships in the universe.