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The Shard in London became Europe's tallest skyscraper back in July and now, on November 1, Moscow's Mercury City Tower topped out and stole the coveted position by a mere 95 feet (1,112 feet compared to The Shard's 1,017 feet). Moscow is already home to the largest number of highrises in Europe and Mercury City joins four other buildings in Russia to make up half of the ten tallest on the continent.
Kepler Motors, founded by world speed record holder Russ Wicks, unveiled its MOTION supercar at the Dubai International Motor Show three years ago. Back then, we weren't sure if this car would ever make it beyond the concept stage. Now, only 50 of these lightweight hybrids will be made and each one is being assembled by hand.
If artist Mads Peitersen ran the world, I wouldn't be telling you about the iPad Mini, but instead the new bioPhone 5, with a dual-valve processor and twice the intestinal track length of previous generations. Also, Apple now covers cracked bioPhone ribs under Apple Care. It's a bold new world!
With all those old Soviet-era military facilities lying empty in Russia, so many of them get repurposed into the type of facility that the old Politburo would never have approved of. This gigantic structure, called Bunker 42, lies about 200 feet under the downtown Moscow streets, and has been transformed into something that looks like it's equal parts Star Wars bar and spacecraft from the movie 2001.
If there was ever a time to do a big-budget stop-motion Lego Batman movie, it's now. Right here's an enormous Batcave, built by two men. Standing shoulder to shoulder, as you'll see in the gallery below, their creation is wider than the both of them combined. Editor's Note: We'd like to give a shout out to this amazing tweet here, which immensely improves on our headline.