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What you see above is a human body. A naked human body, in fact. Japanese photographer Shinichi Maruyama, who has taken some curiously gorgeous shots of nothing but water, didn't use fancy tricks to get the effect you see here, but rather created a composite out of thousands of images to convey a form in motion.
Synesthesia is a condition some people have where their senses tend to influence each other. For example: the way food feels or looks can have an affect on the way it tastes. Designer Jinhyun Jeon wanted to see if there was a way to stimulate that process, so she developed this exploratory set of bizarre-looking cutlery.
Chinese architecture firm MAD, which we've seen some truly crazy designs from, has announced plans for a series of buildings nestled in the Huangshan Mountains of eastern China. MAD used the surrounding natural beauty as inspiration for their building design, so they have a very organic appeal that fits in nicely with the terrain.
Today's umbrella provides some welcome portable storage and collapses down into a tube, and despite designs to the contrary, we've used the same shade-on-a-stick approach for centuries. Is there a better way? For designers Lin Min-Wei and Liu Li-Hsiang, a shield replaces the familiar dome, and it all breaks down into a disc instead of a cylinder.
Last December, we brought you a list of the best geeky wedding proposals for 2011 — this one is sure to tops the charts for 2012. Not only is the engagement ring custom made for a couple of true Star Wars fans, the couple and their friends were decked out in Halloween costumes during the proposal.