galaxy tab stories

For the most part, Android tablets have been significantly more expensive than Apple's iPad 2, making the choice for what to get a bit easier for people. But Samsung just unveiled the pricing for its new Galaxy Tabs, and they're right in line with the iPad. Competition!
"So," the question invariably begins when I whip out the Samsung Galaxy Tab (hereafter to be referred to as the gTab), "is it better than the iPad?" "Better," however, is the wrong adjective when addressing the inevitable and ultimately false equivalency between the two. Why a false equivalency? Aren't they both tablet PCs? gTab fits in your pocket. iPad doesn't. So choosing between the two really comes down to a question of posture and location. More after the jump.
There's something not quite right with the burgeoning tablet PC business. As it did with digital music players and touchscreen multimedia cellphones, Apple has created a viable gadget market where none before existed, fortifying droves of copycats and followers smelling sudden success, a "me too!" army pouring through a breach in a fortress wall it had no hand in toppling. But has it occurred to anyone that perhaps Apple's iPad didn't so much create a market for tablets as much as it created a market just for Apple iPads?