Future Tech stories

As far as humans are concerned, the most important part of a spaceship isn't the turbodrive or the turbolifts or even the turbolasers. No, it's the life support system, the thing that keeps us from, you know, dying. These systems are generally bulky and complex, but a new concept from NASA would weave them directly into spaceship hulls instead.
Every day, new technology is being developed to make criminal activities more difficult. From predicting crime before it happens to reading minds to new crime scene investigation tools, future criminals are going to have a difficult time getting away with anything. Here's a list of technology that will help fight crime in the future — maybe even the near-future.
Space, you understand, is a long way from here. It's a long way straight up, which is one of the more difficult directions in which to travel. A particularly convenient way to travel straight up is with an elevator, and a company called LiftPort wants to fund the first stages of an elevator all the way to space, through Kickstarter.
Until now, stitches and surgical sutures have acted matter-of-factly as medical tools — they close your wound until the incision or cut heals. Now, there's a new kind of suture on the horizon, one that comes fitted with micro-thin sensors to monitor the health of the wound, as well as deliver healing heat to the site on the fly.