Future Tech stories

Although we have yet to perfect an artificial intelligence that can solidly pass the Turing Test, developers are nevertheless endeavoring to create humanoid robots that can mimic our physical attributes. A team from Switzerland aims to take this humanoid robot trend in an interesting new direction by creating a realistic robot boy.
In the paranoid future of the genetically discriminatory security state, your life will be defined by your DNA, and access will be controlled by machines that instantly read samples of your genetic code to verify your identiy. When will this all kick in? It won't be long now, thanks to NEC's new DNA analyzer that can brand you as an in-valid in under 25 minutes.
The marriage of artificial and bio-materials to create cyborg insects and rats is still a bleeding-edge field with fascinating possibilities for human applications. That sometimes controversial vision of the future just took a dramatic turn towards blurring the man-versus-machine lines with the debut of a 3D-printed robot that uses heart cells to walk.