Future Tech stories

Earlier this year the world was introduced to Britain's "hoodies" who looted their cities wearing the head coverings to avoid the country's ubiquitous CCD surveillance cameras. But if they had just contacted a certain professor, they might have simply used a lovely modded parasol to conceal their mischief.
Brain implants promise a lot of things, from combatting mental degradation caused by age and disease, to boosting the output of some already healthy gray matter. Far fetched as it sounds, researchers and Israel just took a step toward that glorious cyborg-filled future with the successful installation of a synthetic cerebellum in a rat.
The International Air Transport Association, which is basically a TSA for the rest of the world, is demoing the "Checkpoint of the Future." It involves being "able to get from curb to boarding gate with dignity," without having to unpack your bag, take off your shoes, or, erm, get up close in personal with a security official.