Future Tech stories

We previously explored how science fiction movies, books, games and more inspire the technology we use today. So, what about the future? What great inventions from science fiction are lurking around the corner? For example, what if you could ride around town in your very own landspeeder, or travel the world by simply standing on your very own teleporter pad and telling it where to send you? Here's a list of the top 10 most promising up and coming technological inventions inspired by the pages, scenes and sounds of science fiction.
Engineers and students at the Naval Postgraduate School in Southern California are building drones, launching systems, and the necessary software to create a force of up to fifty unmanned aircraft capable of dogfighting. That would add a new layer to drone warfare, where drones capably engage one another.
While some camera geeks are salivating over the possibilities of the new Nokia 808 PureView smartphone and its comparatively beefy 41-megapixel camera, researchers have recently unveiled a technique for capturing 50-gigapixel images, which they predict may hit the public in as little as five years.
Since way before the iPhone was a gleam in Steve Jobs's eye, back when the Motorola RAZR was the mobile phone du jour, financial institutions, mobile handset makers and carriers have dreamed of turning your cellphone into a mobile wallet, to use your smartphone the same way you use a credit or debit card. Finally, this year we may finally reach this near field communication (NFC) nirvana, of simply waving our smartphone over a retail payment terminal instead of a credit or debit card to pay for our copiously consumed commodities. There's only one problem. Using your smartphone as a credit or debit card replacement may be more trouble than it's worth.