Future Tech stories

SpaceX's Elon Musk wants to take astronauts to the International Space Station. He wants to take humanity to Mars. You'd think he would forget all about Earth by now, but here's one for us terrestrials: Musk calls it the Hyperloop, and it's a system that never crashes, ignores the weather and is twice as fast as your average plane.
Chances are you will not have a job in the future. This isn't anything against you personally, or even a comment on the economy. It's just a statement of fact. As technology (and specifically robotics) marches into the future, there will simply less of a need for human workers and all their annoying human-y hang-ups such as "due compensation," "sick time" and "sleep." Futurist Thomas Frey has gone as far to predict that two billion jobs (nearly 50% of all current jobs) will be technologically outmoded by 2030. If this prediction holds true, any child born today will graduate from high school into a radically different world where all human needs are met cheaply, but where there will be little need for actual humans. We've only begun to see the beginning of this new jobless age where all services are filled by robots and other assorted automatons. And this coming iceberg is much bigger than you probably think. Here, we present a list of jobs will be "manned" by robots in the closer-than-you-think future.
There are spaceports all over the world, but they're built by governments and militaries and meant for launching super secret spacecraft, not your luxury liner to the moon. The idea of regular spaceflight is still something we leave to astronauts and sci-fi authors, but the U.K. is taking its first step toward that goal, and the U.S. its second.