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Sitting at a desk all day staring at computer or shuffling papers might sound like a familiar routine for many (including us bloggers), but did you know it could increase your chance of dying early by 20 percent (if you're a male) and up to 40 percent (if you're a female)? Yep, sitting is actually bad for your health, even if parking your behind in $8,000 god-chair feels really good. We've got 17 stand-up desks and workstations that'll keep your posture straight and possibly keep you alive longer, ranging from the professionally made, weekend DIY projects and even, erm, "homemade" solutions. Click into the gallery below to get started.
Want your living room to look like the inside of a crazy PC? Well ,the Binary Table 01 from BRC Designs should fit the bill, being absolutely covered with the innards from a bunch of outdated electronics.
In a small apartment, space is a premium. And that means you probably don't have room for a big, ridiculous speaker. Unless said ridiculous speaker can double as an object more useful in the day-to-day, like the Acoustable.
Love pinball? Looking for a new coffee table? Well, why not combine your love of pinball with your need for new living room furniture? If you've got a non-functioning pinball machine available to you, Instructables will show you how to turn it into the sweetest coffee table you've ever seen.