Furby stories

"The original was banned from the Pentagon because it was a threat to national security," recalls Don Cameron, a senior engineer at Hasbro. Cameron is not talking about a top secret weapon that the U.S. government was developing in 1998; he's talking about the original Furby — an electronic toy robot that was a cross between a hamster and an owl. Originally released 14 years ago with 40 million units sold within its first three years, Furby became one of the biggest toy fads of the late '90s. You know it was a big deal because it was even a Happy Meal toy at McDonald's. Hasbro tried to recapture this wave of Furby fever with an updated model in 2005, but it didn't enjoy the same attention. Well-rested and ready for its revival, Hasbro's 2012 Furby now comes equipped with six sensors that allow it to develop behaviors, a pair of LCD eyes that give the furry little robot toy more personality and a free app that provides added interactivity and replay value. Furby is back!