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Lilliputian Systems is not a big name in portable power, but they have some big ideas, and this year, they've promised a big product: a fuel cell generator the size of a smartphone that will be able to generate enough power on one cartridge of butane to charge an iPhone up to 14 times. Goodbye batteries, hello liquid electricity.
As much as we liked the Chevy Volt, it's only really efficient when it's running on electricity. When you kick the gas engine in as a middleman, it gets much less eco-friendly, but a new type of fuel cell is able to convert gas into electricity. And it's tiny.
For decades, the entire energy industry has been hearing about how awesome hydrogen fuel cells are. Finally one company is putting some H2 where its mouth is: Horizon just announced pricing for its portable fuel-cell charger for gadgets that we heard about in January, which should be available later this year.