food stories

You know that favorite neighborhood diner with the cute staff that serves you breakfast on Sunday mornings after a long night of clubbing? Well those days may soon be over: We give you the "robotic roommates" who can shop for and prepare a perfect breakfast faster than your local hash slinger.
True sci-fi movie fans know all about the terrible secret ingredient revealed by Charlton Heston in Solylent Green, but one very real Japanese scientist has cooked up a new food with an even more horrific ingredient powered by science. (A word of caution, please don't read this before you've had breakfast.)
Keeping track of everything we eat would be a great idea, and I'm sure we'd learn all kinds of things we don't really want to know about our diet and overall health. Until now it's been a major hassle to do this, but tiny digestible RFID tags could automate the entire process for every single piece of food that we consume.
Sometimes, people need popcorn. Like, immediately. Sometimes their need for popcorn is so strong that they just can't wait the minutes that it takes to pop popcorn on a stove or in a microwave. That's why we can all be thankful for this dude and his explosive instant popcorn steam cannon.
OK, stay calm, but I've got some exciting news: some mad scientist has combined marshmallows with beer. Yes, beer marshmallows are now real things that exist. Somebody hold me.