food stories

The Army's MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) have a bit of a bad rap, as you might expect from any food products that have been engineered to remain edible and nutritious after three years in the desert and a thousand foot parachute drop. But the Army has put some work into them recently, adding in things like caffeinated beef jerky and something called "zapplesauce."
Cooking takes too much time and effort. If only there was a way to hit a button and have food print out of a machine! Well, that's actually not so crazy an idea.
It may not take us a long time to get to Mars, but on the off-chance that it does take several years for humans to get there and back, we're gonna need a bunch of food along the way. NASA's been thinking about it, and they've got some menu ideas.
Back in June, Jonathan Kaplan, creator of the now retired Flip camera, announced that he was moving on to curdier pastures with The Melt, a chain of grilled cheese restaurants. Not just any grilled cheese sandwiches though — he hit up the fine folks at Electrolux to design him the perfect press.
Everybody likes the taste of organic, farm-fresh food, but in dense urban areas, large-scale agriculture isn't really an option. A Dutch design firm has come up with a concept for a rooftop greenhouse ecosystem that produces food so efficiently that installing them on top of buildings in NYC could feed the majority of people living there.
Some robots are nice and friendly, like a Roomba or an Aibo. Some, less so, such as the Jarvis Model JR-50 Robotic Hog Head Dropper. Yes, this is a robot designed to cut the heads off of pigs. Lots of pigs.