food stories

Architecture Student André Ford is proposing raising chickens for meat in vertical racks after severing their frontal cortexes, rendering them effectively brain-dead. It would be much, much more efficient, there's no doubt about that, but would it be any more ethical than current factory farms?
Food remains one of the easiest and simplest joys in life, and it's consistently coming at us in new ways, but it turns out that eating less might help your brain live longer. Like all things in life, this might present a less-than-exciting choice, but the science here, researched in Rome at the Catholic University of Scared Heart, is extremely interesting.
Meat is delicious. And it should be, since we're all natural omnivores.* But there are plenty of good reasons not to eat meat, first and foremost being that chickens and cows and piggies are cute. Meat grown in a petri dish might just be able to make everyone full and happy, as long as we can afford it: the first lab-grown burger will cost a third of a million dollars.
The Army's MREs (Meals, Ready-to-Eat) have a bit of a bad rap, as you might expect from any food products that have been engineered to remain edible and nutritious after three years in the desert and a thousand foot parachute drop. But the Army has put some work into them recently, adding in things like caffeinated beef jerky and something called "zapplesauce."