food stories

There's a reason people buy single-serving snacks: when presented with a giant bag of things that are tasty, it's hard to both keep track of how much you've eaten and convince yourself that no, you really don't need to eat just one more. Researchers from Cornell's Food and Brand Lab may have a solution: adding "stop signs" to food.
As Land Rover has become the ride of the gentry in recent years it could be hard to remember that this brand has its roots in being an adventurers ride. No more, thanks to a "Survival Guide" created as part of the owner's manuals distributed to purchasers in Dubai.
Imagine this food truck orbiting your office building at lunchtime, looking for a place to dock and to dispense rocket fuel. Our giggling could go on and on but let's bring this down to Earth: the owners of this fully functioning Space Shuttle food truck have put the vehicle on eBay and it can be yours for $150,000.
Mom (and surprise culinary artist) Heather Sitarzewski tasked herself with making one nerdy bento box for her son every day for his school lunch, and the gallery you see here is filled with the tasty results. She now boasts nearly 150 geeky creations under her belt, which run the gamut from just plain delicious to referencing Harry Potter, Pac-Man, Angry Birds, Hello Kitty, a whole slew of classic Disney characters and more. You can see all of Sitarzewski's creations on her Tumblr, and down below we've picked out our favorite of the nerdier offerings she's served up.
With a happy heart I can report on Coke helping create something instead of destroying it. After all the news about how it it dissolves nails and teeth and so on, this video of artist Phil Hansen using Coke to reproduce Hokusai's classic work "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" is refreshing indeed.
Today's robot waiters aren't any less gimmicky, but it's hard not to feel like they've lost some flair. In 1980, a pair of R2-D2 look-a-likes in a Californian restaurant were greeting customers, wheeling orders to tables and busting a move to disco music when things didn't go their way. Yeah, your read all that right.
Easter: the one day a year you don't have to hide the fact that eating a giant chocolate-shaped animal for breakfast is delightful. And this Easter, you can follow that gluttonous breakfast by purchasing a printer that will allow you to create giant chocolate-shaped animals (or any chocolates) whenever you want.