food stories

As you have probably never suspected, there is a right way, and a wrong way, to go about eating Triceratops. Since Triceratops have been extinct for, oh, 65 million years (give or take), we haven't been able to do much in the way of culinary experimentin' on them. But Tyrannosaurus had millions of years, and we've now learned its secrets.
Sorry, but this Lettuce Bot is not going to help you with your yard. It's a prototype robot designed to recognize and kill weeds in giant commercial farms, where weeding by hand isn't an efficient option and damaging pesticides are an imperfect solution.
If you think a device that lets you inhale chocolate is strange, then here's some more strangeness for you. The concept of "inhaling food" is catching on, particularly with diners in Europe, and now one Canadian restaurant serves gases that "taste" like food, but without those pesky carbs, fats or calories.
As designer Gabriele Diamanti discovered during his travels through developing countries, fresh water is hard to come by. This inspired him to create a solution that could use local materials, was easy to use and utilized what resource these locations often have in abundance — lots of sunshine.
When we choose to go to the Moon (or do other things out in space), the one of the major limiting factors to how long we can stay will be consumables. Simply put, can we ship enough food and water from home to keep astronauts fat n' happy? For a little while, sure, but semi-permanent outposts on the Moon will need their own farms, and that means LEDs. And nukes.