food stories

I am not a fan of bugs. I am also not a fan of global warming. The day may be approaching where I have to choose between the lesser of two weevils, thanks to the results of a recently published study, which "clearly shows that mealworm should be considered as a more sustainable alternative to milk, chicken, pork and beef." Um, ew?
Synesthesia is a condition some people have where their senses tend to influence each other. For example: the way food feels or looks can have an affect on the way it tastes. Designer Jinhyun Jeon wanted to see if there was a way to stimulate that process, so she developed this exploratory set of bizarre-looking cutlery.
From bagel bites to tapas, people everywhere enjoy eating miniaturized food. Just look at the picture above of a mini chicken pot pie, lasagna, grilled cheese, mac and cheese and my personal favorite, Thanksgiving leftovers. Look at how cute they are — I really want one…or 15 (and if you say you don't, I simply won't believe you).