fish stories

There can't possibly be anything more boring than life as a captive fish. Even if you have a sweet pad, the amount of stuff that you can spend your six seconds worth of brain power on is limited. In the interest of improving life for our finned friends (or something) researchers have now crafted video games for them. Violent ones.
Does your fish live in a bowl or a rectangular tank? Has he or she been looking a little depressed lately? Do you even know whether your fish is a he or a she? Look, fish are people too, and they deserve more than just some rocks, a few fake plants, and a treasure chest that intermittently pukes bubbles. Take a look at this gallery of 27 (or so) geeky, weird, and occasionally dangerous fish tanks and let them inspire you to upgrade the digs of your fishy little friends.
There are lots of ways to fake three dimensions with two dimensional images: some crazy stuff is possible if you know what you're doing. But, this isn't real 3D. The only way to get real 3D out of a 2D medium like paint is to gradually build up a sculpture out of hundreds of layers, which is where these incredibly lifelike goldfish come from.
Jellyfish have a very relevant objection to nuclear power: facilities that use seawater for cooling suck up untold numbers of jellyfish* (and other marine life) every year. These brainless marine invertebrates have finally decided to take a stand, coordinating a global protest that has resulted in the shutdown of four reactors, and millions of deaths.
When you're a fish, the selection of kitchen gadgets available to you is somewhat limited. You've pretty much got a choice between rocks, and nothing else. For the first time, a fish has been caught on film using a rock as a tool to open up a clam, making it a member of the exclusive club of tool-using animals.