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Japan has gained a reputation as one of the most technologically advanced countries on the planet. Its constant delivery of stunning, high-tech products means that its budget for research and development is at a colossal $130 billion per year, one of the largest in the world. Naturally, this has led to an abundance of products that are, shall we say, "memorable."
Apple's iPhone 5 is capable of plenty; however, with the correct accessories, users can enjoy a considerably enhanced smartphone. Whether it's the ever-existing issue of keeping your iPhone adequately charged, which can be remedied by portable power accessories to keep your iPhone 5 battery juiced up no matter where your location is, or seeking a solution to increasing your device's sound output through docks and enhanced speakers, there are plenty of accessories that are tailored to one's specific needs. With the iPhone 5, there's a healthy amount of extras that can contribute towards a more immersive experience; here, we take a look at the best gifts for Apple's latest smartphone.
All too often these days holiday gift-giving becomes homogenized. Everyone gets the same brand new tablet, the same new video game and the same bestselling book. If those gifts are the end-all, be-all for the people on your list, then by all means make those folks happy by giving them what they want. But every now and again, a friend or relative just doesn't care for what's new and shiny. This sort of individual requires a different sort tactic than hitting the sales and hoping for the best. Usually part of the gift for these folks is their seeing just how much effort you put into their gift. The DIY items on this list will take you a decent amount of time to craft, it's true, but not even the finickiest of friends would dare say that you didn't put your heart into them. They look pretty sweet, too.
Steam has fired up another of its infamous sales, the simply named "Steam Autumn Sale," which lasts from today through November 27. For PC players, it's a fairly familiar shot to the wallet, though not an unwelcome one — Steam discounts games deeply and changes what's on offer every day. Bear in mind, that means the prices you see here could change, too. That's why we're putting two games on watch — we think they're great, but they're also new and may not go on sale.
Editor's Note: With the election over, this article is now out of date. However, many of the tools here go beyond yesterday's vote, and are well worth checking out. Our original post follows. Media old and new is out in force to cover today's U.S. presidential election. That means there's a lot of noise, too, so we've rounded up the most engaging tools of what we've found for your perusal this election. If you haven't cast your vote, there's still time, and these tools will help you. Even political agnostics will have something to celebrate tonight: all of those obnoxious ads will finally be over. I think we can all agree on how good that news is.
Back in August a bar opened in Paris. This bar is named Dernier Bar Avant La Fin Du Monde which roughly translates to "The Last Bar Before the End of the World." Okay, so it's some kind of doomsday bar, right? Actually, it's a geek-centric bar that caters to fans of all sorts of awesome stuff. From table-top games to Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, many a geeky interest is represented. Once the interwebs got wind of Dernier Bar, people started getting fired up about it. Some who had been there (and others who hadn't) started dubbing it "The Geekiest Bar in the World". Now, I'm not saying that Dernier Bar isn't awesome. Far from it. But in the world? I think that claim is due a bit of scrutiny. That said, scrutiny best left to the experts. So, rather than pass my own judgement, I'm handing the reins over to you: the people. Here's a list of 14 geeky bars, Dernier Bar included. Which do you think is the geekiest? Is there a bar not on the list that's geekier than anything I've mentioned? You decide.
Back in the old days, if you wanted to take your music to go, you shouldered a giant boombox and went. But kids today are spoiled and have a bevy of pint-sized options at their disposal. Whether they're picnicking in the park, laying out at the beach or hanging out with friends, they can easily pull out a compact Bluetooth speaker from their bag to belt out their favorite tunes. Since Jawbone introduced the Jambox in 2010, we've seen an explosion in the portable speaker market, with more options for mobile music than ever before. To help you wade through the choices, we're going hand-on with six Bluetooth speakers.
Let your geeky self shine this Halloween, but don't forget to include those around you in all the fun. If everyone in your group is fully embracing the holiday spirit, you might get more candy — and if none of you all can pass as age appropriate for trick-or-treating, you can at least have one heck of a party. So, with candy on the brain, we searched tirelessly to bring you and your friends or significant other or kids, dogs or turtles — yes, turtles! — the most fantastically geeked-out Halloween costumes to pop up recently. Up top is an instant favorite: Frankie the Unidentified Turtle Object (we've got a video of that after the jump). Down below in our gallery, you'll find 11 more ghouls and geeks. Bring on the festivities!