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As we move out of the dark ages of simple computing devices and cellphones without Facebook on them, we see our science fiction dreams coming true in everyday life. The question becomes, at that point, what is real and what remains fiction. After looking around, the answers range from exciting to impressive to downright weird. Nonetheless, there's something sci-fi for everyone here, from the guy who likes to camp to the gal who likes to eat s'mores without going outside. There's an impressive amount of futuristic alarm clocks out there, too. Apparently, waking up will be the biggest challenge as we dive deeper into this millennium. We've compiled this list of science-fictiony gadgets to help you find the perfect gift for the tech nerds on your life. This is the stuff of the future!
Do you have a special somebody in your life who has watched one too many Bond movies? Someone who's always looking over his or her shoulder, suspicious of being tailed? Someone who won't talk to you over an unsecured line? The signs are there: Your friend's a real paranoid. While this might indicate a deeper underlying problem, you probably don't want to spend the holidays staging an intervention, so short of that, you can do the next best thing: indulge it. Conveniently for you, we've rounded up a number of great gifts for the aspiring spy from covert recording devices to a lie detector test that will shock the truth out of suspects. All of these will prove practical for your friend's next mission.
The holidays, then, are the perfect excuse for the true DIY enthusiast to share their basement engineering feats with the whole neighborhood, nay, the world! And keeping with the tradition of homemade seasonal tech, we decided to scour the DIY webspace to find the most seriously high-tech DIY Christmas ornaments. Here, we present the projects— for electronics amateur and auteur alike— that will transform a traditional (read: boring) Christmas tree into something truly geektastic.
Space buffs can be hard to buy for. I mean, it's not like you can just run out to space and pick something up: getting stuff into space, and then back again, is very difficult and frequently very expensive. We're not talking about "space gifts" like telescopes and model rockets and that sort of thing, but rather, actual gifts that have spent time out in the cosmos. And some of them, remarkably, are even affordable.