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If you're a fan of Michael Jackson or just love a good glove, we want to know what you think about this odd design by Wang Lili. Love it? Hate it? We've got more details about Lili's 'Night Communication' concept to help you make up your mind.
Wearable technology has nearly taken over the sports apparel and accessories field, but when it comes to high fashion, embedded tech is still quite rare. So when pop singer Nicole Scherzinger donned a dress connected to a live Twitter stream the outfit got more than a little bit of attention.
Although we'd never encourage overindulging in the drinking of fine spirits, it is curious that more tech hasn't been devised to help out the hardcore partiers among us. Now, one designer has come up with a solution that could help the inebriated get home via shoe-based GPS.
So far the only look at Google Glass most of us have had is through the company's Google+ page, and via the Google I/O conference. But Google took a giant step toward mainstreaming the device this weekend by allowing it to become a part of New York Fashion Week.