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Sir Ranulph Fiennes is one of the last of the old-school explorers. He's spent more time traipsing around the Arctic and Antarctic than a penguin in a polar bear suit, and at the age of 68, he's now preparing to do something that's never been done before (because it's utterly crazy): crossing the entire continent of Antarctica, on foot, in the dead of winter.
Season's greetings, adventure seekers! Has the grind of the holiday season got you down? Does the concept of spending days on end with lots of family send a shiver up your spine? Why not throw the Christmas Ham in your knapsack and depart for parts unknown? After a few days in solitude you might even have stockpiled enough strength to weather off-key caroling all through the bleak mid-winter! It is in this spirit that we offer you a list of 11 gadgets designed for the tech-savvy outdoorsman.
So, how small does this make you feel? NASA announced that its Kepler spacecraft has "discovered the first confirmed planetary system with more than one planet." That means pretty much one thing: there's still a lot of space we just can't see.