Experiments stories

Sometimes science experiments don't always go as planned. For example, back in 1927 it is likely physics professor Thomas Parnell never expected his demonstration of viscous liquids to last eight-five years — long past his death — to continue on and eventually be broadcast via webcam for years to come.
However hard you work on the next great tech innovation in your underground volcano lair, there's still going to be a point at which you need to test it out in the "real world." But rather than risk your latest discovery running amok and killing a bunch of people, there will soon be a fully operational but totally empty city in New Mexico for you to experiment with.
It's Easter, which means that Cadbury Creme Eggs are sacrificing themselves to small children and thieving adults everywhere. But a few of those eggs have been chosen to be an integral part of some questionably valuable scientific experiments, and so if you ever wanted to know how many gravities of deceleration a Cadbury Egg can withstand, now's your chance.