ESA stories

NASA may be focusing on missions that are faster and cheaper while rolling over in favor of private industry, but the European Space Agency is kicking space science up a notch with a brand new plan for a $1.3 billion mission that'll explore the moons of Jupiter starting in 2030. It's called JUICE, for "Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer." Obviously.
In space, no one can hear you scream. This is a problem, since if you're screaming in space, there's a good chance you desperately need surgery for one reason or another. To address this, the ESA has come up with the fancy little hat that uses augmented reality to turn just about anyone into a skilled surgeon, even in spaaace.
This lumpy blob is a gravity map of our planet, showing an exaggerated view of where sea level would be if it weren't for waves, tides, currents, or weather. The European Space Agency's GOCE satellite has created the most detailed planetary gravity map ever, and it could help us understand everything from climate change to earthquakes.