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So your dog is a bit overweight. Maybe so overweight that your best friend can't get around without some assistance. Apparently, this is really common, so much so that someone has designed a stair elevator to carry your vertically challenged pet up and down the stairs for you.
Last time we checked in with space elevators, NASA had given out a $900,000 prize to a tiny laser-powered carriage that managed to climb a kilometer-long cable. Japan's Obayashi Corporation doesn't think that NASA is moving quite fast enough, so the company has decided to build a space elevator for itself by 2050.
Come 2014, the world's tallest building — the Ghost Protocol-famous Burj Khalifa — will no longer be able to also claim that it has the world's fastest elevators. That honor will go to the Shanghai Tower in China, which will stand 2,073 feet with 128 floors, and have bullet-shaped elevators built by Mitsubishi that zip around as fast as cars.