Electric Cars stories

Next time you swing by your local electric car dealer, you may want to make sure your warranty covers damage by rodent. Cars.com's Joe Wiesenfelder didn't have that kind of coverage for his Chevy Volt (who would?), and it ended up costing him $600.
With electric cars looking to become more and more common in coming years, all those plug-in vehicles are going to need places to juice up. And Best Buy wants to be one of those places, which is why the big electronics retailer is installing Blink EV charging stations at 12 of its stores.
If you're going to be driving an electric car, there'd better be plenty of charging stations available along the way. That's why our parent company GE (technically our parent's parent) hired designer Yves Behar to create WattStation, a powerful charger that'll be able to top off your batteries in four to eight hours.