eco-friendly stories

Buses have made strides in recent years to be more eco-friendly. So far it's been things like becoming more fuel friendly, but in the future we could see buses go a step further, taking unused spaces on their roofs and turning them into beautiful, rolling gardens.
Nature is very clever when it comes to creating packaging for perishable foodstuffs. Most fruits and vegetables, for example, come pre-wrapped in delicious edible containers. David Edwards, the biomedical engineer who came up with huffable food, is now developing customized edible containers for all kinds of food, from juice to wine to chocolate.
Nobody makes buildings out of wood anymore. Why? Because wood isn't especially strong (relative to steel), it involves cutting down trees, it burns readily, and creepy crawly things live and/or feast on it. Despite these horrible shortcomings, brave architects are now planning to build a 30-story wooden skyscraper in Vancouver.