Earth Week stories

What we want from solar energy: inexpensive, highly-efficient solar panels that we can attach to our roofs to power our homes, with wiring so simple that any weekend handyman can set it up. What we get: Crap gadgets. Happy Earth Week, Dvicians. While we're all feeling good about skipping plastic water bottles and buying local produce, let's remember that the power of solar energy — which was at one time believed to be as transformative as nuclear power — is mostly harnessed for trinkety toys that deliver more novelty than real value. Don't believe it? Take a look in the gallery below. Have a solar-powered gadget that let you down? Have one you love? Let us know in the comments.
We're kicking off Earth Week here at DVICE and what better way to kick off greener living than to point your attention to a renewable energy source you might not have had on your radar: human byproducts. Kindergarten jokes aside, there really are some weird gadgets and applications for human waste that you might have never heard of. Here are eight of the most fascinating uses, all that recycle the junk that comes out of our trunks.
By the time we have Earth Day in 2010, California will be generating 20% of its energy from renewable resources. Other states and countries are joining them, too; in most cases, that’s a huge increase from what they were...